About Lopez Island

Lopez Island is the third largest of the San Juan Islands served by the WA State Ferry system. From the Anacortes ferry terminal, Lopez is the first stop, about a 45 minute ride from the mainland. There is also an airport on the west side of the island which can accomodate small planes. Kenmore Air provides year round regularly scheduled flights from Seattle to Fisherman Bay (weather permitting).

At 15 miles long & 7 miles wide, you are never far from anywhere on Lopez. Known as the "friendly isle" expect to be waved at along the roads, an island tradition known as the "lopez wave". A mix of rocky shoreline, open farmland and sandy beaches attracts a variety of full time residents, of which there approximately 2500. Artists, craftspeople, musicians, farmers, fisherman, outdoor enthusiasts... you never know who you will meet on Lopez! However they all have one thing in common. A deep appreciation and love for the quiet environment, strong community and natural beauty of Lopez.

Lopez is not known as a "tourist" attraction, but rather as a wonderfully relaxing place to get away from it all and enjoy the spectacular surroundings. Hiking, cycling and kayaking are three of the most popular activities on Lopez.

Lopez is known for it's thriving agricultural scene. Farm-to-Table is part of the fabric of the Lopez community. The local farms produce almost everything you need to prepare a feast! From organic produce, to free range, orangic poultry and meats, local shellfish and seafood fresh from the sea, berries, wines, and beer.. you'll find it all on Lopez.

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